Sunday, December 10, 2017

mi casita

¡Que sorpresa!
Encuentro mi casita
En la sala de la casa

Solo invito el teddy
mi amigo mejor
a este evento privado

cuchicheamos con teddy en silencio,
en mi casita de la caja,

en mi propio mundo.


Thursday, December 7, 2017


festejemos hasta tarde,
en el taxi a casa, 
entre las cancioncitas 
y los abrazos,
tu voz disminuyo lentamente, 
la noche se desvanece


Thursday, November 30, 2017

la niña de la cabeza de hongo

tan grandes tus ojos,
tan brillante tu sonrisa,
tan linda te ves con la cabeza de hongo;

tu curiosidad me sorprendió,
tu risa es mi fuerza,
tu espiritu me hacen feliz.

siempre y para siempre.

the reading room

Sosteniendo las manitas,
nos paramos y miramos,
desde un rincón tranquilo,
el cafe con los libros y las hierbas,
el café con las musicas,
escondido de los caminos ocupadas.

Tan pintoresco y hermosa,
nada parece cambiar,
pero ya no nos quedamos aqui,
lo que queda tan solo
los buenos viejos recuerdos.

en ingles :

Holding the little hands,
we stopped and looked,
from the quiet corner,
the cafe with books and plants,
coffee with music,
hidden from busy roads.

How quaint and lovely,
nothing seems to change,
but we no longer crowd here,
what is left are just
good old memories.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

la cama

El año pasado,
estaba embarazada,
casi lista para dar la luz,
en la cama de mi casa,
con mi madre querida.

un año despues,
estoy ahogado,
entre los abrazos,
los besitos, el leche,
las cancioncitas,
en la cama misma,
somos tres con Isabellita.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow

Recently a mother requested me to draw bookmarks for her six children. Never would I thought I would be encouraged by the ideas, and so I made myself one here as a constant reminder that in life we need these 6 things - Be brave, Explore the Day, Dream Big, Be Kind, Think Happy Thoughts and Smile Often. 
It strikes me that i needed these 6 things and it is good to adopt this positive attributes in mind in our daily life. As I reflect back the pass 9 months or so, tt has been like a desert in the hostile workplace this year, begging for hours and struggling in work. In big offices, it is all about dollar and cents. People work for hours which translated into money, in big organization terms. Many unpleasant behind closed door conversations. Sweet promises and plans became empty and worse still, it came back to threaten and bite like a hidden weapon. Endurance and perseverance are the only thing that still keep me going till now. Forgiveness and letting go. Thank God for His constant presence in my life, that I am still privilege to breath and perform my job as best as I could, despite many frustrated moments. If it had been not for God, I would have lost my sanity, really. 

If there is one thing that I learn this year, it would be to stay positive during very difficult times. When we have no choice but to face it, keep praying for strength and look at the good sides of thing (blessings to have a beautiful family and good health). Work is just part of life. I really like Helen Keller's quote--"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow". Yes, that is the spirit, keep your face to the sunshine intently that you cannot even see a trace of shadow.

I hope one day I can impart this 6 beautiful values to my little one(s). It makes life so much beautiful by just being more positive. Positive attitudes helps us get through difficult times. 

Friday, October 6, 2017

this year

this is the scene i see every morning on my way to work, and today I happened to read Morgan Harper Nichols poem that resonates my heart. 2017, a tough year indeed, but a year where i grew so much, in a tough way. Stay strong!
This year will not end
like last year at all.
You have learned to be free.
You have learned to be strong.
you have held onto light
When the night was too long.
You can braved many fears, 
You learned a new song.
And through all of these valleys
You have learned to stand tall.
This year will not end
Like last year at all.
-Morgan Harper Nichols