Thursday, June 30, 2016

flores silvestres (wildflower)

Ayer estaba pasando un poco de tiempo en el patio y me di cuenta con flores silvestres. Admiré el espíritu de flores silvestres, porque aunque no hay ningún lo mejor condición, se pueden crecer que ningún puede imaginar y me acuerdo una frase sobre las flores silvestres.

"como flores silvestres, debe permitir que crezca en todos los lugares que la gente pensó que nunca lo haría. "


Yesterday I was spending sometime at the patio and I noticed some wild flowers.  I admired the spirit of wild flowers because, even though the condition are not the best, they grow like no one could imagine and I was reminded by a frase about wild flowers. 

"like wildflowers, you must allow yourself to grow in all the places that people thought you never would."

黑眼 hēi yǎn (black eye)

En Kuching tenemos un perro,
se llama hēi yǎn (黑眼),
los ojos negros el significado,
grande pero delgado,
vive en una casa con Junior,
ladran cuando me ven,
como si tuviera un extraño a ellos. 

Hice yoga al aire libre ayer,
los perros me asombran y ladran,
cerré mis ojos,
buscando la paz mientras los perros en medio del caos.

Las manos juntas,
estoy agraciado,
por la vida tan perfecta en este momento,
bendiciones y felicidad,
en el patio trasero de la nuestra casa.


In Kuching we have a dog, 
his name is hēi yǎn (黑眼),
black eyes is its meaning, 
big but thin, 
lives in a house with Junior, 
they bark when they see me, 
as if i am a stranger to them. 

I did yoga in open air yesterday,
the dogs wondered and barked, 
i closed my eyes, 
seeking peace while the dogs are in chaos 

Hands together, 
I am thankful, 
for the perfect life at this moment,
blessings and happiness, 
in this backyard of our house. 

Thursday, June 23, 2016

A rainy day in Kuching

The rain pours as the thunder thumps,
Droplets of rain showered the plants at the backyard,
Forming rain dews on waxy leaves,
In the shelter our dogs are chilling,
In the kitchen mom is cooking,
I sat by the door, overlooking the yard,
Sizzling sounds from the cooking pan synchronizing with the drizzling sounds of rain,
Aroma of fried sambal brinjal amidst the cool rainy breeze,
Renewed and refreshed,
Calm and tranquil,
A rainy day in Kuching.

Sunday, June 19, 2016

belated Father's Day post -- My father, my hero.

It was a hot afternoon. Resting on a sofa at the living room, I heard a series of banging and cutting sound from the kitchen. Dad was repairing the washing machine after his short nap. Clad in his usual long sleeves with maroon colour collar shirt and a black shorts, he sat at the kitchen busy replacing the old pipes which was bitten by rats with new pipe so that our daily laundry could carry on. Well it might looks like a menial task and nothing big, but the rhythm of the banging and cutting sound resulted from the repair works reminds me that God is taking care of my parents. Dad is still healthy and steady. Since young, I always thought dad is my hero, he will always be. Though he is not as expressive with hugs and kisses, he loves us with his actions. For that, I love you Dad. Happy Father's Day everyday and I am blessed to be your daughter. Wish you good health always:)

Friday, June 17, 2016

Contando los dias (counting the days)

Antes de concebirte ya te queria,
Antes de que nacieras ya te amaba, 
Antes de tuvieras una hora de nacido ya moria por ti.
Este es el milagro del amor de madre. 

Before you were conceived, I wanted you. 
Before you were born, I loved you.
Before you were here an hour, I would died for you. 
That is the miracle of love of a mother. 

As i am counting down the days, waiting for Isabella to be born, i thank God for all the days that God has protected and guided me along the way. Nothing should be taken for granted...daily trips to work, monthly routine check-ups and each trip with the little ones in me when flying in the plane. 

Hot flushes

It is one of those days that i feel really really hot again. It is like heat trapped within my body, unable to escape no matter what i do. I sweated profusely and the best place to be is in front of a full blast fan. I touched myself and boy, it felt too warm that I recalled Chunkeat commented that my palms were as hot as an iron.

Back in Singapore, I felt really hot/warm even after a bath and I love to place my hands on his skin which is cool and guess what, I always get a big 'NO!!!' as a response!