Friday, December 31, 2010

happy new year

everytime of this year, its time to check how many goals had been met and what are the new resolutions.
Happy New Year.

Random walk to georgetown : 31 Dec,2010

Twas a good day walking to georgetown with chun keat. Strolling a town, looking at things at tourists perspective will help us discover things that we might overlook as locals. Love how locality shaped the town itself, making it different from other town. It is always blissful to be purely happy in the consumptions of food and sights. In my case, boundless of paper, pens and watercolour. Mistakes makes things beautiful, that is the drive that keep me sketching.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

lonely christmas indulgence

To be honest, for 24 years so far. This is my first lonely christmas. My family has gone back to kuching and travelled all the way to sibu for a wedding reception after being in Penang for 1 week. Chun keat has gone back to Kangar for another wedding reception also. It was a happening weekend with church retreat and all the people i have met during december. December is definitely the best month of the year because i get to rest. I really meant rest this time, lots of sleep, spending quality time with family and being at home. This time round, i have not spend much time on friends in kuching because i am simply too tired to meet up and socialise after a tiresome semester of studio. Sorry about that. Plus, did i mention i torn my knee muscle?

After a compact period of december, when everyone goes back to their own home. I am here, home alone for christmas. It wasnt that bad, just a lil homesick and lazy. Spend time doing nothing, lying around and then in the afternoon, did something i consider luxurious to entertain myself-making Note Pocket. It can be carried along and used to make gift cards whenever i feel like giving thanks or even doodle some sketch at a non-specific location. Credits goes to the craft channel which i browse through youtube earlier.
To create a luxurious ambience, i even use my batik clothes as table clothes while working.
i dont know but sometimes narcissism is a need to make us feel good.
the close up. I name it because personally i like to
express through notes and cards.
There is a pocket for paper refill in case i run out of paper, there is an emergency
outlet ;o)
the inside of the Note Pocket. Have not made any mini cards yet.
Just inserted blank paper.

These are the things that made me happy (not studio).
Am looking forward to the ending and starting of another year.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.