Sunday, October 24, 2010


To me, the most blissful thing is to finish all architecture studio work and have a good rest. In this case, thesis industrial viva. After it ended, Chunkeat and i treated ourselves with KFC voucher in one of the colonial style KFC, having a simple meal and do some people watching *hehehe*.

Felt so blissful when i get to escape like this. Not very blissful when i have to get back to reality with tonnes of work. Not blissful when deadline is catching up.
Sketched this after my meal. There is pretty plant outside the window. The outlet is clean and comfortable. i like kids shrieking and chatting. They make the place so much livelier and happier. They talked with a light mood, obviously very excited to have their kfc meal. I remember i was like that when i was young. Those good old days.