Sunday, August 16, 2015


Sometime ago, while practicing Spanish conversation with a Spanish friend, he taught us the word "meatball" in Spanish. It is called "albóndiga". There was a joke or an exaggerating way of commenting someone who has gained some weight that he/she looks like a meatball now. Probably the connotation comes from the characteristic of a meatball : fat, round, spherical, juicy and succulent. I found it amusing to call someone a meatball and the first image that formed in my head was like this. Round and cute. As much as I love eating meatballs, I don't fancy being called one, although "albondiga" sounds nicer than "meatballs." :p

A quick search online on the word "albondiga" will bring us to the urban dictionary which list a whole long list of definition that is not so pleasing! Urgh.. they totally just ruin my good impression on meatballs.