Saturday, April 10, 2010

patio de mi casa

me gusta el patio de mi casa porque tiene muchas plantas y siempre verde todos los días. A veces, me gusta sentar delante de mi patio. Mis perros les gustas también. Mi papa le gusta mucho plantar. Cuando me visto a la pintura, extraño a mi casa.

i love the patio of my house because there are many plants (potted plants) and it is always green all day long. Most of the time, i like to sit in front of the patio. My dogs love it too. My father, who have green fingers, loves gardening. Whenever i see this painting, i miss my home. It is drawn during the chinese new year, yet i only get to paint it today with photoshop. few more days, i will be back home after a tiring and torturing semester.