Saturday, September 11, 2010

Amelie's cafe

its sketching day for me and my 2 best friends in uni, Suping and Peihoong. We came out with and idea to sketch in this little charming cafe in armenian street, just beside Cheah Kongsi. in short, i just fell in love with the cafe. charming, homey and lovely. i wish i could have a similar concept of cafe too, but with vino and tapas, churros and chocolate.


  1. Look at the details in your sketch!
    I've seen your photos in FB, this is a really nice place for a cup of coffee and reading.

    There's a place in Malacca- 椰子屋 with similar atmosphere, with the best pizza of course.

    Any wifi provided? How's the food there?
    Definitely will go for my next Penang trip.

  2. yea, i personally like the place a lot too.
    the food was good, mostly western food and cakes. love the lassi and blended.

    as for wifi, i'm not very sure but i saw some people brought their laptop and they spent quite a long time there, so i presume they have wifi.

    i look forward to visit the cafe you mentioned in Malacca, and i hope u enjoy amelie cafe when u come penang!