Friday, January 14, 2011

urban sketch chapter : Modern architecture & Chinese architecture

It is fun when today we try to treat urban sketch as classes with chapters. The theme for today is urban context. We planned to cover 2 chapter which are (i) modern architecture (ii) chinese architecture. Georgetown is stucked and jammed with vehicles today. Fortunately, we managed to find a good parking lot.The weather today is scorching hot. My skin was tanned today due to the hot weather, but it was really a good experience. Was hoping to sketch more, but i guess quality is better than quality.

this is chunkeat. Sketching on the little gate of the St.George church, opposite of the courthouse, facing the bank negara and the AIA building. 
i challenged myself on drawing the bank negara too, and the AIA building. Was trying to speed sketch, but i got the perspective wrong here :( but practice makes perfect. Will practice more to polish up. Sketched and coloured on the spot. 

This is the roof of one of the most famous chinese temple in Penang, Malaysia - the temple of God of Prosperity. It is located at King Street. Didnt have the courage to draw the whole temple yet. Only manage to captured the roof. The intricate details are beautiful workmanship. For me, it is very hard to illustrate, what more to construct the real thing. 

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