Thursday, August 25, 2011

happy birthday, lazy painter

August is my favorite month. It seems to me that the name August itself appealed to be so beautiful to me. I had very beautiful memories thanks to my boyfriend, and also some close friends of mine to celebrate this special day with me. Thank you.

It came to a time that of all the things i wishes for my birthday, i only prayed for good health for myself and also the people around me, especially the people i loved. Health is wealth. It took several bad experience to make me really understand that health is happiness.

Time is a precious comodity which cant be trade with money. Well, some may argue vice versa but for me it really is precious. Time should be spent wholesomely with the people we love, doing the things that we like.

25 years of growth, how much time had i spent ? how much more time do i have?
its time to move forward, with much courage and love.

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