Tuesday, March 22, 2016

el precipicio

"El destino es un precipicio en lo cual caemos sólo si lo miramos por demasiado tiempo". 
Lucian Blaga

Fate is an abyss in which we will fall only if we look at it for too long.
-Lucian Blaga-

We were learning about this word while sharing about our favorite place. One of us spoke about jumping from a cliff which sparked a discussion the difference between "el precipicio" (slightly cantilevered cliff) and "acantilado" (vertical cliff). It was an interesting discovery and discussion. We learn something new everyday.

I decided to document the vocabulary "el precipicio" into my little sketchbook. While doing so, out of curiousity, I discovered this profound quote by a Romanian philosopher, poet, playwright and Novelist -- Lucian Blaga. which I admittedly spent some time thinking about it. In this case, I believe the poet is trying to tell the reader that one should not easily give up on fate. We all have the power to change our fate. The end starts when we start to give up. 

It seems that tonight is a night of reflection. A time to reflect on how we fair in life, and how we march on as we go along. 

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