Friday, July 1, 2016

of squats and stairs climbing...

The waiting game continues as we all are counting down the days of giving birth to Isabella. Most of my friends who were my pregnant buddies who are scheduled to give birth almost the same time as me has already pass through the "exam" one by one. I had a feeling that Isabella and I might be the last team standing. 

The month of June has been a waiting month. I learnt the lesson of being patient, to appreciate the feeling of being pregnant (at least for the very last month or last few weeks). It has been a tiring one, with my baby bump getting bigger and heavier each day. While some of my pregnant buddies are displaying some symptoms like having flu/nasal congestion, diarrhea, nesting syndrome (sleeping a lot and also sudden surge of energy to clean and prepare the nest for baby), back pain, swollen legs and noses, i experienced these symptoms but they come and go. While some pregnant mummies are having swollen legs as early as 3 weeks prior to estimated due date, my legs swelled very minimally even at this moment -- 5 days before due date. As much as I am fearful of the potential pain that I might be facing when giving birth, right now I am more concerned on delivering baby Isabella safely. It is amazing how waiting can somehow dilute fear. 

Upon my sister's and mom's advice on inducing labour naturally, they told me that squats and stairs climbing helps. I tried both stairs climbing and squats every other day. Stairs climbing makes me breathless because it is more to cardio. Started from 10 rounds (up and down) and then slowly increased to 30 rounds. I did squats at the yard some days ago, combined with breathing exercises and then did more squats in bedroom again. Boy, i was sweating a lot and my thighs are burning. Surprisingly, these two exercises did helped the "lightening" process of the baby. I could feel baby bump going slightly downwards. More squats & stairs climbing, and hopefully, we will make it as a team soon, baby!

As I am ending this entry soon, I'm going back to my late pregnancy fitness routine -- more squats and stairs climbing! Bring it on!

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