Friday, June 11, 2010

sketchpad cover 2 - sarawak

Tonight i missed my home, so i sketched something and did some artwork on Borneo, Sarawak whilst Jerry Kamit's Sape Rainforest Music is playing. Everything seemed to be serene ( exclude all the workload to be done ). Life is good when we take things a little slower. I always like the way how people in my hometown live, a little laid back, but the quality of life and relationship is far better than any where else.

I'm always fascinated by native tribal arts and warriors, the history of the warriors and town and settlements in Sarawak and how Sarawak is painted by the westerners who colonised in the earlier days. it certainly is so different from today after changed by time and people.

Tonights exercise is luxurious. Sketch, watercolor painting on watercolor paper, hatching, and then compose in photoshop. i like the idea of sitting still doing some reading and drawing with the rainforest music on. Serene and tranquility are the words to describe the position i'm in now. Bliss.
the latest hobby of mine is to design some possible sketch covers according to the states of malaysia, maybe more places to come. i never know.
I call this the art corner of my room, displaying of past projects and also canvas painting i did last year. Clips with notes and random sketchings and also not forgetting the keychains from Bali and also Chunkeat's family. This is probably my favorite corner of the room.

Jerry Kamit's rainforest music. It feels good to listen to it.

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