Thursday, June 3, 2010

sketchpad cover

its been a little boring in the night. so i sketched a bit, then played with photoshop and figured maybe i could make a little sketchpad like this for georgetown sketch. I dont know, perhaps i need motivation and a little money to do this small project which will satisfy myself. maybe sometime soon, once i get the drive to splurge a little on this. back in kuching, mum is my source of inspiration because she likes to watch me sketch!

apparently i'm back to penang already. Seen the old georgetown. The weather is still the same old hot and polluted. Very penang. Found some kakis (chunkeat,suping and peihoong) for sketchcrawl in penang. almost certain that it would be fun!

i think sketching has become my habit now. everything i see, i'm so tempted to sketch!! i figured, that is probably good because its not only capture by my own eyes and fingers, it add to personal touch.


  1. You could compile all your sketches and publish them in books. See those master architects published sketches? You could be the next, who knows?

  2. penang~~ nice~~
    went there once. but that was b4 i hav the habbit of bringing sketchbook around. regret that i didnt back then.
    would love to go there again someday, they hv lots of nice location to visit, and i didnt get to visit all the places last time.

  3. This looks good. Look forward to your sketches from penang. I miss the holidays that I used to spend in Penang during my college years.

  4. 若水: i'm not that great yet, but i still love to sketch and i like the indulgement of time in drawing. For me, to have the time to draw is like a great luxury.

    Azie : Come again next time, who knows we could sketch together in Pg.

    Gab and Hee : thanks. i love ur drawings too. they are so lively.

  5. Hi Cynthia, I can't agree more with you about the urge to sketch everything! ever since I discovered this whole exciting world of sketching, Im hooked! =) maybe we can one day sketch together in Penang, along with Azie =) Who knows? hehe.. btw, im fr ipoh studying in KL now.

  6. Hi, Ru Hui! i like your blog too, so many interesting sketches. i need to practise on human figure as well as i'm always out of proportion, but i like drawing buildings. Cool idea that one day we would go and makan makan and sketch in penang:> i see that you are studying medicine. what a talented doctor you are going to be. keep up the good work!

  7. Yeah, lately I've been having this urge to sketch in penang and malacca, like they're beckoning me. I sometimes imagine myself living in either of these 2 beautiful cities. Hope that I can go there before you graduate and the trip'd come true! =) haha, no la, im not talented in medicine, just trying my best. I love to sketch buildings and people and food but my watercolouring skill's not good. Hope to take up lessons once I grad.  加油加油!