Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Calina (Haze)

My friend Taught me the spanish word for haze in Spanish is "Calina". The first time I Heard it, i thought it sounds like a really nice name for a girl. Having Imagine me esta name - Calina Yong, but no thanks, i dont want to be Associated With haze!

In any case, there are several vocabulary That is a similar yet different. It is very interesting to learn all about These, thanks to my Spanish friends Who are Super helpful in explaining it.

Calina - Polluted air with smoke, Which Currently we experienced here. A friend Associated With it the word "Hot" Which kind of Makes Sense figuratively.

Calima - wave of very hot weather, heat wave.

Misty - or something that looks foggy Also it can mean when something is dark.

Haze - the foggy air filled with water droplets When We gaze at the mountains.

Smoke / Humareda - smoky, eg the huge smoke

Some time ago, I experimented writing a poem in Spanish, and here you go:

El tiempo está corriendo,
Sin parar,
Sin esperar,
Es tiempo del día,
Abriendo la vianda,
Frente a mi ordenador,
La comida para llevar de coffeeshop,
Pescado frito con arroz frito sin sabor.

Escribo algo para el almuerzo,
Me siento un poco lujo,
Con tiempo y espacio que está sola la mía,
Tranquila y calma,
Suerte que puedo relajar.

Aire en fuera esta brumosa,
No quiero caminar en este momento,
Solo puedo ver desde ventana,
No quiero respirar el aire lleno de humo.
Rezando para que el aire,
Sea fresco como antes.

Time is running,
Without waiting,
It is time of day,
Opening my lunch box,
In front of my computer,
The takeaway coffeeshop,
Fried rice with fried fish, tasteless.

Write something for lunch,
I feel a little luxury,
With time and space That is only mine,
Quiet and calm,
Feeling lucky That I can relax.

Outside air is hazy,
I do not want to walk At this time,
I can only see from window
I do not want to breathe the smoky air.
Praying That the air
Will be as fresh as before.

Illustraccion poem The Lazy Painter.

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