Sunday, July 19, 2015

feet treat : shopping for new running shoes

Pandamopi's shoes had slowly worn out. The last time he bought a good pair of shoes was three years back, when he just moved to this city. He bought two shoes back then - Sketchers and Nike. Both were his favorite and because of constant usage, the shoes are slowly wearing out and are at their verge of giving way. Unlike other working class, Pandamopi does not wear formal black or leather shoes to work. His running shoes are also his working shoes. So I guess it was time for him to splurge a little bit and reward himself for working hard.

The last time we went shoe shopping was a long time ago, perhaps 1 or 2 years ago that I could not remember well. For one, we are pretty frugal. We only spent when necessary and dislike impulsive shopping, especially when things are pretty expensive and we do not like to spent on unnecessary expenses. Despite living in an expensive city where there are branded stuff are considered affordable and for some, those products are necessities, we prefer living simply, for we feel that we should spend the way our income allow us. It is also a sustainable lifestyle, of not buying more than we need, or eating more that we need. We are constantly aware on how impulsive shopping could lead to excessive expenses, resulting from buying/eating stuff more than we need that we eventually produce waste.

When i was a little girl and my parents weren't rich, they taught me about sustainable by buying new clothes only when old clothes is torn or beyond usage. We would recycle the clothe by using it as a cleaning clothe before disposing. It feels really good that we do not throw things away just because we can afford it, but to recycle and use it to the fullest. It is a matter of responsibility and the love for nature. It is about being humble and down to earth.

When Pandamopi told me he was pleased with his selection of shoes and we were ready to pay and leave the retail, I was brought back to reality from my musing. I am glad that Pandamopi and I shared the same vision, to be sustainable in our lifestyle, in little steps whenever we could. I looked at the smile that was beaming on his face. The smile that you found a good new pair that resonates your soul.

As he placed the new shoes into the box to be packed for payment, he wore the old rugged Sketchers shoes again and felt emotional, for these shoes are his best companion, even when I was not by his side, these shoes were accompanying him all the time, to countless places, and to even our latest vacation in Istanbul. These shoes had served him well, and I could understand why he would feel emotional about it. We paid and left the store. I gave him a super-tight hug, and told him it is ok. Everything has its time and this pair of Sketchers shoes will always be remembered, in our heart, and which we would tell the story of Sketchers shoes to our children and to our grandchildren and the story of being sustainable.

Pandamopi's new NIKE shoe

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