Monday, July 27, 2015

Bringing these birds to a friend’s new crib

Last weekend, I spent my Saturday morning doing a different rendition of "pajaros graciosos" by a vector artist, e.kataev. My intention was to recreate another version of these funny birds with more vibrant colours, with a light-wash background. Pandamopi bought me some frames so I thought it would be nice to make a handmade gift for a friend, Teri who had just recently moved to a new place. We were invited to her place for a simple housewarming on Sunday.

Painting process is always enjoyable for me. It is peaceful, tranquil and quiet. My room is normally well lit in the morning. After shower and wash up, i began my little project - painting. The paper was cut and prepared by Pandamopi, which was approximately 20 cm X 25 cm (8R). I quickly sketched and started painting process and the whole process took me approximately 2 hours, including some waiting time for watercolour layers to dry up before applying another layer.

Below is work in progress photos.

Story of the artwork :
There is an unique connection among birds of different characters and personalities in a home/family. God put them/us together in a nest to form a family. Each of us play a part in the nest, and they need each other, just like they need each other to make the artwork look complete. It is incomplete if one of them is taken away from the artwork. It is also an illustration of the birds are having fun (by looking funny) in Teri's new crib. Photo background featuring our favorite kilim carpet which we brought back from recent travel in Istanbul. You could see we still miss Istanbul pretty much!

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