Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pug lovers' love story : Wedding Card for Julian &Tricia

One of the best moment in life got to be getting married to the person you love.. and in this case, both Julian and Tricia are pug lovers. They must have love pugs so much that their friend, Fangyi wanted to personalized a card with a pair of pugs for their card. We then further animate the lovely pugs by dressing them up as bride pug and groom pug. I am not an expert in drawing live things but this assignment taught me patience and observance. Taking the drawing slow and steady by detailing the facial details of the pugs. The best thing is i get to observe the facial structure of the pugs and their cute eyes that never stopped to be loved.

I "took" the pugs to the woods/green jungle and "made" them sit down poisely. Wedding in woods/jungle had always been one of my favorite ideas as I love the green and nature settings. Nature is the best backdrop. Caption and wording inside by Fangyi. I just did the illustration :)

Some photos of the work in progress :

The beauty of the card is that it can be framed as an artwork as well for remembrance.

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