Monday, September 11, 2017

Wet Monday

The last post I wrote was back in June where I thought I just had 6 tough months passed and the days ahead should be better and clearer. Apparently, it got tougher and tougher, as if it was stretching my limit. The testing is real, the challenges are hard. I would not have made it if it was not for your prayers and God who has been sustaining me. Just as when I was thinking what i have gotten myself into this year, I count my blessings, for in the desert I met angels and see God's love all the time. The Lord has been taking care of me all the time.

I had been struggling with work lately, mainly because the job scope and nature is new and I am unfamiliar with it. However, the attitude of the people I met and worked with added more stress to me. Many time I wonder what joy does it has for someone to be snobbish and arrogant all the time. That person must be having some heart issues because he/she is communicating in such a way that would make you drown or suffocate. It was very toxic because I started to hate my job and the person I see everyday, to the point of hearing them talk or breath. I was stressed and my health was ailing. I asked God for help. He told me to focus on Him and my family and healed  my heart. Hatred brings sickness. So after some time, I begin to realize the environment did not change for the better, but God is working within me. I begin to let go and learnt how to isolate my ears and eyes from the things I dislike. I let God's song filled my mind. There were many point breaking moments but I am glad God pulled me through. 

This morning was very dark and gloomy and the rain was heavy. I brought 3 bags (my Sri Lanka fabric bag, another fabric bags with important documents, and my lunch box) with me and was walking under the rain. The traffic was busy and I saw the sight in front of me - many people crowding at the bus stop with the gloomy sky and dense trees as back drop. I stood still, in awe. Despite the trouble of treading the road with rain splashes that seeps into my shoes, today I felt a sense of peace and thankfulness in me, that I am still loved by Him and able to have a healthy body to go to work, earn some dough and put food on the table. It is not to be taken for granted. 

Today is the day I hope to go home on time after many crazy weeks of stress and late nights.
I am looking forward to see the little one.

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