Saturday, June 13, 2015

Boat Cruise @Bosphorus River

One of the best way to get to know Istanbul in a short span of time is to go for a Boat Cruise at Bosphorus River. There were many random locals that went around selling tickets and recommending this boat cruise but we were only convinced to go for it after speaking to local friends whom we newly met in Mesa de Español, a couch surfing event. This is undoubtedly a great decision as we thoroughly enjoy the cruise. One tip before you sign up for this cruise is that you would only enjoy if you are interested in architecture and history. We were so blessed and lucky as a senior Turkish couple who queued before us at the ticket counter handed us a special ticket that entitled us to full boat cruise journey at half the price. She was unable to speak English but she tried her best to communicate with us using sign language. Such is the helpful spirit which we found almost everywhere in Istanbul. As we were very interested in knowing this beautiful city, we rented the audio and it was very helpful. The audio act as a tour guide, telling histories of the place and buildings. It was like an interesting live history lesson.

Sketched the view below, overlooking Galata Bridge before the boat left the port.

The boat cruise stopped at the last point called Anadolu Kavagi, where we could alighted from the boat and explored for 2 hours. We walked and made our way up to Kalesi Castle. We almost gave up halfway as we were a little hungry and exhausted but thankfully we did not. It was all worth it. The view is beautiful.

A lonely dog at Kalesi Castle, Anadolu Kavagi
We had a brief brunch at one of the restaurant overlooking the sea. The seafood tasted great. Not long after, we boarded the boat cruise, ready to cruise back to Karakoy. While waiting for the boat to depart from Anadolu Kavagi, I looked out the window and sketch this beautiful sight of daily activities of men fixing fish net on the boat.

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