Saturday, June 13, 2015

sketching while waiting @istanbul modern art museum & @yeni mosque

We were a little too early for Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. So we sat down in front of the museum and sketched one of the historical building which was under restoration works. A Japanese teacher who came to Istanbul for her student’s wedding chipped in to engaged in a small conversation with us and she loved watching us draw. I had to put the drawing to a stop when we are allowed to enter Istanbul Museum of Modern Art. The museum was amazing.
The sketch below was done after a day’s of walking around the city. Our legs were dead tired, literally begging us to stop to rest. So we sat down at one corner overlooking Yeni Mosque. There was an archway framing the Galata Bridge and the beautiful river. There were two shy Turkish who sat from afar, watching us sketch and spoke to us a little to find out where are we from. Proudly told them we are from Malaysia :D

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