Saturday, June 13, 2015

istanbul, beyoglu

Time flies. Without us realizing, it has been a year since our wedding day – 10 May 2014. It has been a great year together as a married couple. So many things took place within such a short span of time. To celebrate a year of love, we went for a holiday in Istanbul.

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, constituting the country’s economic, cultural and historic heart, making it an interesting place to visit. Our trip stretches from 7 May 2015 – 17 May 2015. 3 days in Istanbul, 3 days in Cappadocia and the final 3 days in Istanbul again.

The architecture in Istanbul is breathtaking. I particularly had a great time sketching in this beautiful city. Thanks to my dear husband who always knows how to enjoy himself while waiting for me to complete my sketch. Through sketching on the streets, I met many beautiful people who like to look at my artwork and exchange small conversations and story.

Our love for Spanish language brought us to one of a Spanish-speaking meetup called Mesa de Español. Over our casual conversation, I share on my passion for sketching and show one of the locals, which we eventually became friends. He was impressed on how I sketched his city and decided that we should go to an outing on Saturday and do things which is less touristy. It was an amazing experience and I am glad that how sketching could also helped us make friends.

Seated at a quaint cafe located at one of the secret corner in Beyoglu, we had our very first Turkish çay. The rain just stopped a while ago, so it was pretty chilly. The warm tea works just perfect for the setting. I’m fascinated by the setting of the humble cafe, with small furniture donned with beautiful bright colour table cloth with distinctive Turkish motives.

I could not ask for more at that moment. Life is perfect. Sipping hot turkish tea, overlooking such a beautiful foreign place, doing the things that I love most with the person I love. Life is beautiful.

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