Saturday, June 13, 2015

the magical cappadocia

We made our way to Cappadocia on 11 May 2015 and stayed there until 13 May 2015, using local domestic airline – Pegasus. My husband, Pandamopi was not fully recovered from fever and flu yet then. We checked in a cafe hotel – Sato Cave Hotel in Goreme.

If there is a word to describe Cappadocia, it has to be magical. Every moment in Cappadocia is precious. The nature has overwhelmed us again and again as we trotted from one site to another.

The weather was sunny as we made our way to Open Air Museum in Goreme. A precious tip we got from TripAdvisor is to bring sunnies and hat as the sun was too bright. Nonetheless, the sight of the rock formation took our breath away. We never thought this place existed.

One of the things not to be missed beside hot air balloon is to catch sunset. We trotted to Goreme Sunset Point to catch the sunset. No words could probably describe how beautiful the sight is unless you are there.
Husband pandamopi does not sketch as much but he loves photography.

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