Saturday, June 13, 2015

view outside nar suites pera

We spent our first 3 nights in this quaint hotel called Nar Suites Pera located in Sahkulu Mah. Sahkulu Sok. No:13, Estambul 34420, Turkey. It is a nice hotel tucked in a very quiet yet beautiful corner in Beyoglu. Husband Pandamopi was sick by the time we reached Istanbul due to time difference and also being caught in the rain when we arrived Istanbul. Being lost and having a heavy downpour is the last thing we wish when travelling but it all went well, despite a little frustration and argument on which way to go (you know this happens all the time, but all for the better).

We had a good stay in the hotel, unfortunately the view outside the room was another building. It was probably not the best sight of all but I learnt to find beauty in everything through sketching and felt happy to discover little details that were actually interesting: little garden at the adjacent building, pipes, roof, shadows, TV satelitte…etc.

I guessed being in a holiday does makes me feel happy even I am not facing the best view while in the room. By the time I am almost done with this piece, Chunkeat was prompting me to get prepared for another day of exploration.

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