Saturday, June 13, 2015

Üsküdar--Cinaralti, Çengelköy--İstiklâl Caddesi

Our second last day was spent with our new found friends, Hasanali Atalay from Ankara, Turkey and Pablo Gaspar from Portugal via Mesa de Español, in Istanbul earlier. Our random chat about the city and passion for sketching gave Ali the idea of showing us to less touristy part of Istanbul. We had a great time exploring the other part of Istanbul (eastern part of Istanbul). The view is breathtaking as usual. I cannot imagine how it feels like to work in this city, mesmerized again and again by the beauty of city. Only the local would know.

Best borek in Istanbul

Ali brought us to Cinaralti, Çengelköy to have the best borek with çay. There were no tourists, only local eating in this simple cafe yet overlooking the most stunning view. I quickly took out my sketchbook and sketch the beautiful bridge overlooking Bosphorus River while enjoying delicious borek with cay. Life could not be better this way.
We took public water transport back to Western part of Istanbul. The idea is to have the best coffee in Mandabatmaz Cafe, tucked in a secret corner in İstiklâl Caddesi. Not only we had great coffee, we had great conversation which we would be remembering it for a very long time.
On our way back to Karakoy
Sketched this while waiting Paulo to fetch João.
Thanks for the precious time and friendship.
Till we meet again!

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